VPN, or Virtual Private Network, keeps your online data safe from third-party trackers, hackers, snoopers, and identity thieves while providing unrestricted access to blocked websites and services.

A VPN ensures that the information traveling between your connected device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and the VPN’s server is encrypted — and therefore secure from hackers, cybercriminals, and data thieves. As an added bonus, with your VPN connection, you can also access restricted websites and apps from anywhere in the world.

Without the security of a VPN, your web traffic is exposed. This means that cybercriminals can intercept your personal data and your ISP can see what you do online.

When you connect to VPNify, your web traffic is routed through our secure VPN servers, where it is then 256-bit encrypted. This acts as a ‘tunnel’ for your data to travel through, keeping your sensitive information secure.

You should use VPNify when you:

  • Use public Wi-Fi hotspots. It is incredibly easy to get access to your personal information or have someone spy on you from another computer in the same Wi-Fi hotspot unless all your traffic is encrypted via VPNify.
  • Want to protect your privacy online (which should be 100% of the time).
  • Want to access any online content from other countries. VPNify gives you the ability to browse online content that is visible only in other countries.

If you are a VPNify Premium Subscriber, you automatically have access to the “Always On” and “Continuous Connection” features, so that you never have to worry about any of the above because you will always be protected.

All you need to do to ensure your online privacy and security is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Download VPNify on the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the app, install a VPN profile when prompted, choose any virtual location you’d like to browse content from, and connect by tapping the “Connect” button.
  3. Your internet connection is now secured, and you can enjoy 100% anonymous and safe web browsing, streaming, and gaming. Open your browser or apps and use them freely. The virtual location you’ve chosen will make it appear as if you are located in that country.

It depends on what VPN service you use. Since VPN services encrypt your data and require you to connect to a specific server before accessing the internet, these extra steps may slow down your connection. Low-quality VPN services will cause a significant slowdown on even the fastest internet connection. Sometimes the difference is so drastic that it can render a high-speed connection almost unusable. You can use a speed testing tool to compare the performance of different applications.

However, if you’re using a top-tier VPN service, such as VPNify, the difference in speed usually isn’t noticeable, and can sometimes even speed up your connection.

Yes, you can.

Streaming content from other countries and while you’re abroad is one of the main VPNify use cases.

To ensure the fastest speed, please use one of the virtual locations that marked “Streaming.”

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to access a specific website:

  1. You are using VPNify while you are not a Premium Subscriber of a service. In this case, when accessing some websites such as Netflix, Hulu, or adult sites, you will see a payment wall. If you are using the iOS device and you’re not a Premium Subscriber, you will see a captive portal. In both cases to resolve this issue, you need to become a Premium user of the service you’re trying to use.
  2. The website that you are trying to access has your old cookies. In this case, you will need to clear your cookies and try to access the website once again.
  3. There is an actual problem with our servers. If you’ve already cleared your cookies and you have a Premium subscription to the service you’re trying to use, then it is likely that there is an issue with our servers. If this happens, please contact our support, we will be glad to help.

Your privacy is our highest priority.

VPNify collects a minimal amount of non-personal data to offer you a fast and reliable VPN service.

We collect:

  • Device-specific information like OS version and hardware model to optimize our network connection.
  • Total bandwidth consumed and time connected to our VPN service.
  • Payment information and optional email, when you purchase a paid plan via our website.

We do not keep logs of your online activity and never associate any domains or applications that you use with you, your device, IP address, or email.

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